Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2020


My exhibition "Sisters in heart" at the Cafe Schwesterherz (Alsterdorfer Str. 572, 22337 Hamburg) ends at 16.01.2020.


2019 - ONE YEAR - THREE AWARDS: Semifinalist/SwissArtExpo @artboxprojects_official + Certificate of Excellence/KitzAward + Certificste of Excellence/PalmArtAward.

See more of my artwork:

RUPPO(172)_Mehr Meer 4

Back home after traveling. Original paintings you can see in exhibition "Mehr Meer" at library @der_tibarg in Hamburg.

RUPPO(171)_Schau in meine Augen

In meiner diesjährigen Ausstellung im Café ARTig in Hamburg-Niendorf zeige ich viel Resin-Kunst, aber auch einige Acrylbilder in FluidART.

In this year's exhibition in the Café ARTig in Hamburg-Niendorf I show a lot of resin art, but also many of my acrylic paintings in fluidart.


My painting "Footprints" (80×80 cm, acrylic on canvas) is presented at the Art Basel Week Miami by @artboxprojects_official or @ArtboxProjectsofficial

RUPPO(169)_Mehr Meer 3

The original paintings (50x50cm, acrylic on canvas) can be seen in the library in Hamburg @der_tibarg. The orinal dolphines makes holyday.


I wish I had not shown the sea so moved. My visualization has been realized again and I got seasick. The original paintings (50x50cm acrylic on canvas) can be seen in the library @der_tibarg.

RUPPO(167)_Kitz Award 2019

The jury and the board of the art and sponsorship Kitz Art sent me their Certificate of Excellence 2019. Nominated for outstanding artistic creativity in contemporary art.

RUPPO(166)_Mehr Meer 1

Die Bilder zu meinem Buch-Projekt "Mehr Meer" sind zu sehen in der Tibarg-Bücherhalle in Hamburg-Niendorf.

The Original paintings for my book project "Mehr Meer" were shown in the libary @der_tibarg.